Final Grades

The final list of grades  is now posted here.  They will be passed to the mazciroot next week.

I will keep the graded exercises in my room for another week or so as to handle any irrurim or technicalities (so you can come and pick them up when I’m there), and I will then put them in Ross -1.

We used a simple unweighted average over all question-parts and all chores, where chores were pass/fail, and then scaled the grades up a bit to ensure that the highest grades were 100.  You can see the formulas in the excel sheet if you are so inclined.

You may look at my recent blog post about my evaluation of the “wikipedia chore”.  In particular, we are looking to hire a short-term TA/RA to go over the wikipedia entries of the class (list here) and fix them up a bit .  If you are interested, then please talk to one of us.


Anonymous submission

1. The student who submitted ex.3. q.3 without a name (or an id number), please email us to say who you are so that you can ger a grade (you mentioned that you talked with Assaf Michaeli).

2. In general, come check your exercises  since there are some additional anonymous submissions.

Graders of ex.3

This post is addressed to the graders of exercise 3. Recall that you were supposed to contact one of us (Noam or me) until yesterday. Can you please send us an email to schedule a meeting (afer you read the solutions) as soon as possible?


Reminder: getting grades

I remind everyone to send us the required email summarizing your course chores by the end of January.  As previously announced, “delays of up to one additional week will be penalized in the grade”.

Do not forget to have “compecon: summary of chores” as the title of your email (to mfeldman@huji.ac.il and  noam@cs.huji.ac.il).

Updated Grade list

Updated grades for ex1&2 appear here.

Typo in Ex.3

Another typo has been fixed in Ex.3:

In q.2 part (d), it should be $O(\frac{log |X|}{bias(f)^2})$ rather than $O(log |X| bias(f)^2)$ (i.e., the bias is not multiplied, rather divided by).

Updates list of Grades

An updated list of grades for Ex 1 + part of Ex2 appears here.